Marx Concrete Pipes (Pty) Ltd was established in Rustenburg in 2004 but has deep roots in the Eastern Province and is now located in Port Elizabeth.

We are a dedicated equal opportunity employer, who has committed ourselves to play a role in growing the economy of South Africa, and more especially the areas in which we operate, and creating jobs for unskilled and semi-skilled individuals. We also endeavor to be of valuable service to the current role players and stake holders within the infrastructure development industry.

The company was started in 2004 by four individuals who had the vision and will to take the risk and invest in a dream that have since won them the award of Entrepreneur of the year 2009 in the Gauteng region. A second branch was established in the Port Elizabeth area in 2006, so as to expand the reach and delivery of our quality products.

The company structure is not very large and at the moment only two directors are executive directors not withstanding all directors are involved in the strategic decision making and marketing of the company. All Directors were born and bred in the Republic of South Africa.


Why choose precast concrete? We could go on for hours, but our favorite attributes are quality, versatility, sustainability, strength, durability and lower lifetime costs.

Look around. Much of the constructed world we live in is made of concrete. Concrete is universal, it is ubiquitous; you can find it everywhere for a reason. Like man-made stone, concrete is strong, durable and eminently serviceable.

In addition to all of this, precast concrete can take nearly any shape or size, be manufactured in virtually any color and come a wide variety of finishes. With precast, you are limited only by your imagination.

Whether your need is functional, aesthetical or both, precast concrete is your go-to building material.

You can achieve a fast installation; find a way to overcome challenging job site restrictions; ensure water-tightness or resistance to buoyancy; create a desired look; or achieve complex customizations with precast.

It is the most common building material in the world. But did you know that precast concrete is used for green, environmentally friendly, sustainable construction? That precast concrete uses natural and recyclable materials? That precast concrete products themselves can be reused.


Our range of concrete pipes from 300 mm to 1800 mm in diameter are made to exacting SANS standards.

You can be assured that our prefabricated concrete pipes will be suited to all your needs. Our factory in Port Elizabeth ensures that you are able to make use of reasonable transport costs for the delivery of our high quality products.

Our precast concrete pipes have been used in storm-water systems across South Africa.

Our reinforced concrete pipe is instrumental in protecting our precious groundwater by conveying wastewater and stormwater through complex underground infrastructure systems. You may not see it working, but precast concrete pipe plays a major role in preserving groundwater quality and ensuring a sanitary environment.

Reinforced concrete pipe is available in a huge variety of shapes and size to meet any need. With its long history of unparalleled strength and proven performance, precast concrete is the material of choice.


Marx Concrete Products supplies manhole covers manufactured to stringent SANS standards in the following provinces of South Africa. North West, Limpopo, Gauteng, Mpumamlanga , Free State, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Eastern Cape Province.

Concrete manhole covers are a viable option in an environment where the theft of metal manhole covers is rampant.

Our covers are durable and long lasting and there is little incentive to steal them. Our range is extensive and includes Manhole Sections, Manhole bases, Manhole Cover slabs, Spacer slabs and Manhole Cover Lids from 750mm to 2250mm.

We have a manufacturing facility in Port Elizabeth.


Green is no longer just a color, it is soon to be a component in the majority of all new commercial construction. The precast concrete industry continues to evolve to ensure products are manufactured in the most responsible manner.

We at Marx Concrete Pipes aim at adopting and implementing these practices and evolving with the industry, thinking both short term and the long run.

THINKING SMALL … Even small amounts of unused cement powder or waste concrete slurry water in the precast fabrication can be recycled to conserve resources and to reduce material and energy costs for manufacturers.

Unused concrete can also be crushed and recycled. Process water in precast plants can be filtered and recycled back into production.

… THEN THINKING BIG! As we adopt more sustainable technologies, it is possible that virtually all wet waste can be routed to a central recycling plant onsite where aggregates an be cleaned and returned to stockpiles or crushed with dry concrete waste and reused.

Recapture and recycling systems for precast concrete production byproducts have the potential to virtually eliminate all waste, which is great news for the environment.


Unlike the weather, precast plants are predictable, with regular production schedules and skilled workforces. This production standardization produces high quality precast that can be delivered to a site just-in-time. There’s no waiting around for concrete to cure on-site and no need to stockpile.

High-quality reproduction of individual precast units can be achieved with confidence in a precast facility, whether one, 10 or 1,000 identical components are required for a project.

Multiple reuse of precast forms saves materials, resources, energy and time, and prevents forms from premature disposal.

The production of precast concrete in an off-site manufacturing plant means that construction sites are cleaner, quieter and safer. Precast construction generates much less construction site debris and potential pollution to streams and natural areas.